International Women’s Day

How could such a day pass and me not write about it? Last year I told the story of a good friend of mine and what made her decide to fight for women everywhere. This year, I will tell a story of my own personal badassery that goes back to the dress code ordinance, the […]

A Tale Of Poverty And Donuts

Hurts Donut is well known in Springfield. For those who aren’t local, they are a  trendy specialty donut shop that started downtown and now has a second location. Many would consider Hurts Donut a small business success story that created jobs. However, while technically successful they are also a perfect example of why so many […]

My Response To Donald Trump’s Presidency

I cannot help that Donald Trump is our president. I did all I could to fight it. But now that he is, I am stuck with this outcome for four years.  In a hellishly ironic twist, Trump now is the best outcome, because Pence is an even bigger threat to women’s rights and minorities of all […]

From A Place Of Privilege

I am privileged on many levels. I understand why it is hard for people with privilege to acknowledge it.  It’s uncomfortable and it isn’t something many of us necessarily want and sometimes it’s damned hard to see even when you try. The fact that we did not ask for our privilege doesn’t mean that we […]

Trickle Down Failure

Trickle down economics doesn’t work. Neither does trickle down assistance.  There came a moment that I recall quite clearly when I realized we are looking in the wrong direction.  My dear friend Angela, who is a brilliant woman and was running for office at the time, made a comment about local focus. Somehow she said […]

Doing Better: Attempt Number One

There are a lot of problems with the media. People complain about it all the time, but in a “what are you gonna do” sort of tone.  But we cannot just give up and accept the click bait and fake news that has taken over.  The press is important, not just for who is fastest […]

2017: New Year’s Resolutions and Plans

First, allow me to say goodbye to 2016.  Last year, I had some plans and goals that boiled down to choosing my long-term career goals.  I threw myself into every opportunity, and didn’t let my comfort or fears hold me back.  It got some interesting results, and I’m ever so grateful that I was able […]